Amores Filosoficos was born in 2015 with a main theme: love and defined characteristics such as naturalness, purification, nostalgia, femininity, serenity and subtlety.

It is a brand dedicated to the care and beauty of women, building stories through garments and having as its main inspiration silhouettes that are consistent with the different bodies of women and so that they are always comfortable and fresh, accompanying them in the different aspects of their life.

Angélica María Arbeláez

Creative director and CEO of Amores Filosóficos, since she was little she remembers a special taste for fashion and the spirit of seeking an aesthetic sense in her surroundings. Over the years, her path was different and her academic training was different too, she studied in Cali- Colombia business administration and later retired to study Psychology, where the brand was born in such opposite paths but in the end so similar, she has constantly wanted to transmit a story behind each line she designs, expanding it to a more holistic and spiritual vision, Well, that’s how she is, sensitive, romantic and passionate in all areas of her life.

"The root of all passions is love. From it is born sadness, joy, happiness and despair."

Amores filosóficos has four lines:

We currently release two collections a year and two capsules.


Where its materials are carefully chosen, highlighting mainly lace, tull and cotton.


Fabrics that are soft to the touch, such as viscose, cotton, and patterned fabrics, according to the collection’s frame of reference, stand out.

Easy USE

In this line, soft knitted fabrics that allow comfort and convenience are the stars.